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For The Chair People

Our Holiday Shoppe offers a simple concept with our NO RISK program. Simply put, you don’t have to count any inventory when it arrives and no payment is due until your sale is complete! We provide you a simple worksheet to fill out at the time the product arrives and when your sale ends. Reordering is an option if you happen to run out of an entire price point.

Four SIMPLE Steps To Hosting A Club’s Choice Holiday Shoppe

1) Choose your sale dates and price mark-up
  • Choose a three to five day period to hold your sale
  • Most schools provide this program as a service and choose no mark-up
  • All of your gift items will arrive coded according to your mark-up
2) Your start-up kit will arrive and will include:
  • The Chairperson Guide
  • Banners to hang up at the school
  • Gift Guide Envelopes
  • Tablecloths
  • Colored fliers to send home with every student
  • Gift Bags
  • Pricing Tents
  • Cash Register (if selected)
  • Early Signing Bonus For Those Who Qualified
3) Holiday Shoppe Gifts Will Arrive
  • Brand new gifts will arrive and will be coded according to your group's mark-up
4) Close Out Shop And Return Unsold Merchandise
  • Click the Print Summary button (under Chairperson Detail) to print your completed report and send it, along with your check, to:

    Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe

    3421 Truax Court

    P.O. Box 307

    Eau Claire, WI 54703

  • Pack up the left over gift items into a few boxes to be shipped back
  • Once the items are packed up, go to Daily Cashier Report (under Chairperson Detail), and request return labels.
  • Print the label(s), stick them on the box(es), and ship them to the warehouse in Arizona