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    Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ is a Fun and Educational program

for the Kid's, but we should never forget the volunteers.

Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ strives to make the Volunteers' and

chairpersons' jobs fun and easy.


     Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ provides your chairperson with a

STEP BY STEP GUIDE to help make his/her work load as easy

as possible, plus we have a REAL LIVE PERSON ready to help

if you need any additional assistance.  (Click on photo to the right to download a PDF version)



    Plus, we have an informative you tube video that gives you an idea of just how a Holiday Shop works..  Click on the arrow on the photo below to start the video.















     With Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ your group MAKES NO

INVESTMENT and TAKES NO RISKS -- You pay only for what

you have sold after you have sold it and you return all unsold

merchandise for full credit.


     With Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ you DETERMINE THE

SELLING PRICE, and profit margin.  Your group is billed at

wholesale, and you determine what you sell the items for and how

much profit you make on each item sold.


     With Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ you DON'T HAVE TO PRICE MERCHANDISE, Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ products come ready to put out on your tables.  (Each has a color coded sticker with a price code on it.)


     With Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ there is NO MORE COUNTING OF INVENTORY -- You don't have to spend valuable volunteer hours counting the inventory when it arrives or when your sale is over.


     Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™ loans you a PREPROGRAMMED

CASH REGISTER for use in your shop.  The register will enable you

to keep your sales straight, keep better track of your money,

give your parents a receipt, and make billing easier.


     Click on the FREE Supplies button above to see all of the

materials we supply to make your job easier.


                                                  Club's Choice Holiday Shoppe™



Have questions - need help?   Call: 1-800-346-5599


Another quality program offered by Club's Choice Fundraising. 


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